Tea Time Blue Vanilla Social Media Wins Gold Addy

[Winning Team Left to Right: Janine Pollard, Kevin Thompson, Abigail Brown, Victoria Bristol, Anson Aswat]

When a limited edition product is on the table, the main goal of a digital campaign is to create buzz online as quickly as possible and keep that buzz alive. This is exactly what our Digital Team at Virgo Communications was entrusted to do for WIBISCO’s Tea Time Blue Vanilla biscuit.

In celebration of Barbados’ Golden Jubilee, the iconic Barbadian brand produced a special limited edition biscuit named Tea Time Blue Vanilla . The biscuit was a twist on their beloved traditional vanilla flavoured cookie, recreated in Barbados’ national colours; blue and yellow.

The Tea Time brand is popular, trendy, youthful and full of energy! It’s the type of brand any content creator would love to dive into. The goal was to create social media content that was patriotic, dynamic and engaging. Essentially, we needed to create content that would make people feel “cool” if they shared it on their personal pages. Content to reach a wider audience than the brand’s usual target. Most importantly, content to make Bajans at home and abroad feel like they needed this product in their lives, and wanted to be a part of the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

To meet this brief, our team created an exciting mix of animated GIFs, videos and photography. We found ways to incorporate the biscuit into significant Bajan symbols. The biscuit was used to spell Bajan words and recreate Barbados’ broken Trident from the national flag, and to draw an outline of the island. It was placed in environments like the beach and paired with other beloved Bajan products like mauby.

The campaign was a success by a number of measures! WIBISCO reported the response to the product exceeded expectations. The brand’s entire online following grew, our content pieces reached over 90,000 persons with high engagement for each post. Some fans were even inspired to create their own content with the product, thereby fully interacting with the digital campaign and adding more value to it. This type of organic interaction is the final goal to a truly successful digital campaign.

A final and welcome indicator of success for this campaign was when the Tea Time Blue Vanilla Campaign won a Gold ADDY in the social media category, from the Caribbean Advertising Federation. While outside validation is not necessary to measure a campaign, the Virgo digital team was thrilled the campaign received this recognition.

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