Prime Minister Freundel Stuart visits Louis Vuitton


PRIME Minister Freundel Stuart has lauded the vision of the developers of the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, saying it sends the right signals to visitors, locals and the international business sector.

The Prime Minister, who accepted a long-standing invitation from developer Paul Altman, was given an official tour, which included other stakeholders and members of the management team of Limegrove.

According to the Prime Minister, “Therefore, to have conceived of a project like this, and see it come to this stage of maturation, is really a credit to Barbados and a credit to you,” he told the developer.

“Obviously, a man that thinks big, and who understand that size, and Barbados is a small country, is not a determinant of how big we can think, how vast and spacious our vision can be.”

“And this project therefore is evidence of how special a place Barbados really is… That you have been able to attract so many high-end brands to Barbados is a tribute to your steadfastness, your painstaking and your persistence,” he said.

“This is the kind of development we need in Barbados. I am very pleased I came here to see it close-up. I look forward to continuing to work with you and the other directors to take Barbados forward, to raise the country’s gaze to yet another horizon, because that is what it has to be about,” he said.

He opined that when our visitors visit Limegrove they can feel that they are in a country that takes tourism seriously.

“When our people in the International Business Sector come here, when they occupy offices in a building like this, they have to conclude that we take our international business sector seriously. And when citizens of Barbados come here and go through these stores, these outlets, and they see the standards to which Barbados subscribes, they cannot but feel proud of the country whose citizens they are.”

Altman, while giving an overview of the centre, explained that even though Limegrove has had a number of openings of stores, it has not has the official opening of the complex as yet, but anticipates this will soon be a reality. He explained that the final building has been completed and revealed that Burberry will be opened next month.

“Limegrove has brought the world’s top brands to Barbados, and in our opinion this was the one attraction missing as a part of our high-end tourism package. Barbadians have also welcomed the quality of experience which Limegrove offers, providing what we all know as ‘retail therapy.’”

He said the full design centres around the cinemas, six restaurants, the Lime Bar and the rooftop. “It’s all about mixing business and fun – a place where we work, play and live,” he stated.

Catering to both offshore and local businesses, he noted that over 300 persons are currently directly employed and several hundred are indirectly employed. Altman also boasted that the perennial problem of flooding appears to be a thing of the past since the introduction of a canal and other measures in the environs. Both highly praised the work of Doug Luke of Gillespie and Steel, architect of the centre. (JH)