Getting LOUD with Digital worked for Us. – ADDY Awards

In this media-saturated age, making attention-grabbing content is key to marketing but it can be elusive. But getting LOUD and savvy worked for us. We made digital and video content worthy of winning five 2018 American Advertising Awards, including four Silvers and one Gold.

Having won several Addy’s in the past –Virgo won the highest number of Gold awards of any Barbadian agency last year – we chose to only enter video and digital content this year.

As Account & Creative Director of Virgo Communications Emma Saba explains, “The demands on people’s time are more intense than ever and as marketers, we can shout, loudly and often, and hope someone hears us over all the background noise. But, to stop people’s thumbs scrolling and capture their attention, whether it’s video or newer media we make work that engages them emotionally.”

Virgo Communications won Gold for Virgin Atlantic film highlighting the athletes of the women’s Polo team. This video was part of a series called “Let it Fly” that highlighted adventure and risk-taking leadership; the series won the agency three more Silver awards. For this we have to thank videographer Stuart Hall for working with our team on these videos.

A series of dynamic animated GIFS, created for WIBISCO for their tea Time LOUD Campaign, aimed at Millennials and teenagers, scored the fifth award. The LOUD campaign was built around, bold, colourful design for the physical WIBISCO Tea Time shops and photos. So the digital team at Virgo conceptualised and created quirky colourful animated GIFS and videos that raised engagement and tapped into the joy and energy of the brand.

View our Winning entries below:

Social Media Campaign > Silver > Virgo Communications Inc LOUD Gifs

Branded Content & Entertainment Online > Gold > Virgo Communications Inc – Battle of the Sexes

Branded Content & Entertainment Online > Silver > Virgo Communications Inc – Neil Armstrong

Branded Content & Entertainment Online > Silver > Virgo Communications Inc – Team Concise

Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign > Silver > Virgo Communications Inc – Adventure

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