5 things I learned from the Rockin’ Hard concert

By Anson Aswat

Major perk alert! With Virgo sponsoring the recent Rockin’ Hard concert last Sat Feb 24th, I got to attend, along with other members of the Virgo crew. Wow, was the night full of exciting surprises. The entertainment included artists; Third World. Spice & Company, Lil Rick, Red Plastic Bag, Nikita and Marvay. Lots of fun, high energy music with artists performing their most popular songs. And then..

Third World does the unexpected

When it was time for Third World, everyone was excited about hearing the band perform but about halfway through their set things started to take a turn towards the unexpected. The band performed songs that were covers of other artist, but done in a way that was original and mind blowing.

Steven “Cat” Coore can play the cello

To everyone’s surprise the lead guitarist of Third World got on the cello and played a rendition of “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley. Fans of the band were amazed at his skill on the cello and sang along with him while he played the song. He also continued playing the cello for the next song.

Third World’s classically trained vocalist Mr. A J Brown is dope

During Third World’s set at Rockin Hard, the band gave fans an unexpected surprise when A J Brown sang a rendition of “Time To Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli. Absolutely nobody expected this and everyone I talked to after, mentioned it gave them goosebumps.

Spice & Company loves their Fans

Spice & Company thrilled the crowd with an epic performance singing hits from their earlier days and also some newer songs. When their time was up the crowd wasn’t having it, they demanded more. Spice & Company listened to their fans by signing one more song from their Camouflage album, The Guns.

Rockin Hard is pure excitement

The next Rockin Hard will be awesome. Going by the last event, I’m are super excited to see what Rockin Hard 2019 will bring to the stage.

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