Gatherin’ Around the Island

We Gatherin’ 2020 was an exciting national initiative encouraging Barbadians (whether resident on the island or in the diaspora) to participate in a homecoming from January to December 2020. The project also targeted tourists and repeat visitors who felt “Barbadian” in spirit to visit during the year. The stated aim is to “foster unity and community spirit, encourage philanthropy and promote investment to diversify and strengthen the Barbados economy.”

The agency’s task was to create content for social media, digital and out of home opportunities, and manage Public Relations for the event. The agency targeted multiple segments and averaged the power of nostalgia by helping people tap into their emotions around Barbados and all things Barbadian.

To drive excitement for each upcoming parish and its activities beforehand, the agency made videos highlighting both well-known parts of the parish to leverage the feelings of nostalgia and unknown places in each parish to generate more interest. In addition, the agency organised press conferences, pitched stories to the foreign press, coordinated digital advertising and social media content for multiple pages.

In addition to driving up engagement in the digital and physical spaces, Virgo Communications with videographer Kristopher Streek won two 2020 Silver Addy awards for the video content of the campaign.

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